Pelham Together’s paid summer internship program provides high school students with an opportunity to build leadership and job readiness skills and experience by participating in various projects working with different community leaders as mentors.

As an introduction, interns participate in a two-day Leadership Retreat facilitated by an expert in the field of youth development. Interns engage in interactive relationship-building activities to build and strengthen skills that will assist them in their placements and beyond. Such job and life skills include—team building, identifying different leadership styles, developing communication skills, resume writing, and networking/interview practice.

 Following the Leadership Retreat, interns will carry out an internship at one of several partnering organizations, ranging from local government and civic entities, to education, to business, to arts, to non-profits. Each intern will be matched with an organization, and the intern will work on a project designed by that group. Pelham Together will also host a group of interns who will work directly with our Youth Advocate in designing youth events and campaigns for the coming school year. As part of the Leadership Retreat, interns will meet their mentors, and establish a schedule and goals for the following three weeks.

 The internship placement will be for 3 weeks, with exact dates and times coordinated between the organization and the intern. Internship work will be for up to a maximum of 10 hours per week for those 3 weeks, and in addition will require 2 hours each Friday for a whole group check-in/luncheon. These sessions are designed to allow interns a chance to share with one another, receive support and/or guidance from our Youth Advocate. All interns are paid minimum wage ($12/hour) for their placement hours.

Successful applicants should be energetic, self-motivated and willing to connect with others. Students must be Pelham residents entering grades 9-12 in the fall of 2019 to be eligible for the program, but do not have to attend Pelham Memorial High School. Interns will interview with volunteer community leaders as part of the selection process. Interns are expected to become a part of the Youth Leadership Council, as their time allows, during the school year to continue their work as leaders in the community. Interns will present a summary of their project work to the Pelham Together Board of Director’s in the fall following their internship.

Please see the internship schedule below for Summer 2019. Other than the training and round-table lunches, there is flexibility in establishing placement hours so that young people can tack this experience on to another job or volunteer commitment. 

Please contact Danielle Marrero at or Laura Caruso at with any questions. To apply to be an intern, click here.


How you can get involved as a MENTOR ORGANIZATION!

Become a mentor organization!  If you feel that you could actively mentor a high school student at your place of business in a meaningful way, please consider joining the Pelham Together Internship family! We are seeking organizations who would be willing to offer our students opportunities to truly learn about YOUR business and industry in a way that they may not have access to without your guidance. Your hands-on involvement may just change the life path of one of our students. What an opportunity! Our students are interested in all sectors…design, publishing, real estate, art, childcare, accounting, politics, food service, you name it! Please, let us know if you have questions or would like to be involved by contacting Laura Caruso at

It is important to Pelham Together that the organizations take seriously their mentoring role and consider their ability to do so when signing up for the program. Pelham Together provides a “toolkit” of helpful tips when working with young people in a mentoring role, and all mentors will be asked to participate in a Meet and Greet event on Monday, July 29, 2019 from 12:30 – 2pm. Over a quick lunch, mentors will meet their intern, establish a work schedule for the subsequent 30 hours, and Pelham Together will celebrate their commitment to serving the youth of Pelham.


Application Due: April, 12, 2019

Interviews: First week of May 2019

Selection: By May 15, 2019

Leadership Retreat/Training Sessions

Friday, July 26th – 12:30 – 6:30 pm

Monday, July 29th – 12:30 – 6:30 pm (12:30 – 2pm Meet & Greet for Interns AND Mentors)

 WEEK 1: Internship placement hours

Tuesday, July 30th – August 2nd: Days and hours determined between Mentoring Organization and Intern (max of 10 hours / week)

Friday, August 2rd: Pelham Together luncheon with whole intern group (2 hrs.)

 WEEK 2: Internship placement hours

Monday, August 5th – 8th: Days and hours determined between Mentoring Organization and Intern (max of 10 hours / week)

Friday, August 9th: Pelham Together luncheon with whole intern group (2 hrs.)

 WEEK 3: Internship placement hours

Monday, August 12th – 15th: Days and hours determined between Mentoring Organization and Intern (max of 10 hours / week)

Friday, August 16th: Pelham Together luncheon with whole intern group (2 hrs.)